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Data protection at Dembrane

Data protection at Dembrane

Hi there, Jorim here. Thanks for taking your time to read this.
We want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to standardise and streamline the process of ensuing your valuable data only goes where you want it to go.
Legally, we comply with GDPR regulations, and we strive to be better. In practice this means that we:
  • Are transparent about what we do with your data.
  • Take every precaution to anonymise data to the degree you specify.
  • Only store your data for as long as you want us to.
  • Are drafting a generalisable Data Processing Addendum (DPA) describing our data relationships with sub processors.
  • Will be happy to sit with the people in your organisation responsible for data and privacy.
In this crucial development stage, helping you analyse your data is extremely valuable to us as it helps us optimise, refine and develop new features. Think of us as co-researchers. We are happy to explore any requirements you might have.


  • Our current focus is on anonymous data processing, stripping the data of any personal identifiable information before its analysed by smarter AI models.
  • While our data is protected with industry-standard security on EU servers with two factor authentication, isn’t yet encrypted and as such is sensitive to data leaks.
We're aware security needs can evolve, and as such, are prepared to adapt to emerging needs in future iterations of our product. Transparency about developments and enhancements in security will always be a priority.





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