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Dembrane is building the next generation participation tools for governments, organisations and communities.

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Key Features


Cutting-Edge AI

We believe in a future where AI is used for good. That's why we harness state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (like GPT4) to analyze diverse inputs, facilitating democratic, data-driven decision making based on collective intelligence.


Hybrid Collaboration

We offer a range of online and offline collaboration tools, promoting seamless communication, brainstorming, and ideation among community members.


Advanced Decision-Making

Dembrane harnesses advanced algorithms to guide democratic decision-making, ensuring every voice is heard and factored into the final outcome.


Scalable and Adaptable

Our methodology scales to accommodate large communities, and is adaptable to various use-cases and organizational structures.

Turn casual conversations into deep democratic insights

What you can expect


Better outcomes

Dembrane gets people with very different perspectives to work together, breaking down silos, fostering creativity and innovation.


Informed Decision Making

Our AI and advanced algorithms enable data-driven decision making and reflect the collective wisdom of your community.


Increased Resilience

By enabling more flexible and adaptive decision making structures, your organization will become more resilient and better equipped to face wicked problems that require deep collaboration.


Democratic Engagement

Encourage a culture of democratic engagement within your organization. Not only does everyone get the opportunity to contribute on Dembrane’s collaborative platform. But every contribution matters.



First Dembrane test

A consensus reached by a group during the first test of Dembrane last year: 'Using Dembrane regularly might be a good social skills exercise for opening your mind in conversations with strangers.'


A project manager at a municipality

I would have given my left foot for a platform like Dembrane when I was trying to get stakeholders on the same page.


An excited friend

AI + DAO + Blockchain is so hyped, but it's so hard to find a project that actually delivers on the promise. Dembrane is the first project I've seen that wants to deliver value and doesnt get lost in the tech.


An excited stakeholder

It will take a little while for my colleagues to understand the potential of this. You are lightyears ahead of participation-as-usual.




Our People Person: Evelien is a social scientist with a passion for community building and a knack for bringing people together.



Our techie: Jorim is a full stack developer and designer with a passion for AI and a master of rapid prototyping.

Current Projects

Wat als het ons lukt?

Wat als het ons lukt?

In collaboration with the municipalities of Eindhoven and Helmond, we are working on an AI enhanced open data platform for all insights and data related to participation projects to help the cities become climate neutral by 2030.

Strijp Spark

Strijp Spark

With Strijp Spark, we organize events where residents can have an impact on the future of Strijp-S, just by meeting new people and having interesting conversations.




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