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People know how.

We will help you get to the bottom of what your stakeholders really care about. Not with surveys or questionnaires, but with real conversations, scaled up with AI.

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Our story

Why we do what we do

We need better ways to measure what people care about

As a society, we are faced with enormous challenges. We must transition away from fossil fuels, adapt to climate change, align AI with human values and so much more. But trying to get people on board with these changes is hard. We need better ways to measure what people care about and to get them motivated to change.

AI can help us scale our social intelligence

We realised that if we could get people to talk about what matters to them, we could use AI to help them analyse their conversations and generate insights that could help the collective make better decisions, in line with everyone's intrinsic motivation.

Stop juggling, start connecting

By using AI like this, facilitators can concentrate on bringing people together, understanding what goes unsaid and making sure people feel safe to speak. No more note taking while you're trying to keep track of what someone is feeling or how to bridge a societal divide.

Great conversations are the key to a better future

It's no longer a question of if you should engage with stakeholders, but a question of how. Are you ready to discover what brings your community together?

We're just getting started!

Our team

Passionate people with a big mission


Evelien is an innovation scientist with a passion for community building and a knack for bringing people together.



Jorim is an information designer, obsessed by collective intelligence and a master of rapid prototyping.



Bram is a proactive team leader with a passion for exploring and organizational savvy.



Dennis is a hands-on social worker with a passion for music, travel and meeting new people.



A brilliant designer and cognitive scientist, Lukas is driven to democratise AI and make it work for everyone.

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Our partners

We are incredibly proud to work with
Join the movement

How we work

Commit to engage


Plan a session with stakeholders. Plan hundreds of them, no make that a workshop: no, a conference. No matter the scale: you can record the conversations that matter and upload them to our platform when you're ready.


Ask tough questions, get insightful answers. We are working with some of the best qualitative data analysts to make sure that even if our AI model can't quite handle it yet, we can build a custom module for your specific use case so you get the answers you need.


The answers you get will inform your next steps. Who have you missed? Where should you focus during the next conversations? If you need an interim report, you can generate an evidence based report in seconds and share it with your team.

What's next?

Current Projects

Exciting projects with great partners.
Wat als het ons lukt?

Wat als het ons lukt?

In collaboration with the municipalities of Eindhoven and Helmond, we are working on an AI enhanced open data platform for all insights and data related to stakeholder engagement projects to help the cities become climate neutral by 2030.

OpenAI grant

OpenAI grant

With a consortium of talented individuals from diverse organisations, we won the OpenAI grant for Democratic inputs to AI.

Peel Positief

Peel Positief

We are helping the multidiciplinary team of Peel Positief collect and curate insights from conversations between stakeholders at their conferences.

Strijp Spark

Strijp Spark

With Strijp Spark, we organize events where residents can have an impact on the future of Strijp-S, just by meeting new people and having interesting conversations.

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Our values

What we have already

Playfulness and interaction

In a world where it's hard to get out of your own bubble, Dembrane can be fun and surprising. Participants experience unique live discussions, guided by AI, fostering valuable conversations, peer learning, and trust.

Building knowledge capital

Dembrane's build crowd-sourced knowledge capital, generating a rich source for wider societal and organisational use. Our pilot proves it's possible to cultivate this civic knowledge capital for enhanced decision making.

Co-creation and peer learning

We want to use our platform to apply knowledge effectively and foster changes in practices, both individual and institutional. User tests show the potential for substantial benefits when people are offered the opportunity to engage in co-creation and peer learning in a seamless environment.

Vision: Redefining success

We're exploring how knowledge can shape what matters to people and how this can lead to entirely new practices. We will focus on both quantitative and narrative outcomes to capture the impact of these complex interactions in a meaningful way.

More coming soon!

Key features

What you can expect

Cutting-Edge AI

We believe in a future where AI is used for good. That's why we harness state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (like GPT4) to turn unstructured stories into insight libraries that can facilitate people oriented driven decision making based on collective intelligence.

Hybrid Collaboration

We offer a range of online and offline collaboration tools, promoting seamless communication, brainstorming, and ideation among community members.

Unmatched Security

The safety of your stories is our utmost priority. Our tool doesn't use your stories to train AI models and we run our software on EU-based servers, ensuring complete compliance with GDPR regulations.

Scalable and Adaptable

Our methodology scales to accommodate large communities of stakeholders, and is adaptable to various use-cases and organizational structures.


What do participants say?

Open your mind

Using Dembrane regularly might be a good social skills exercise for opening your mind in conversations with strangers.

An interesting conversation

It was an interesting conversation with a stranger discussing how AI can help humankind.

Hear others' thoughts

It was interesting to hear others' thoughts and why they had those views. They also mentioned aspects I had not really thought of or considered.

Without judgment

It was nice to have an open discussion without judgment or bias as we didn't know each other and could openly share our thoughts and views on the subject.


After the first time, the thing that struck me was how much fun it was to talk to a stranger about a topic that I was interested in. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

More coming soon!

Frequently asked questions

What you need to know

What does Dembrane mean?

Dembrane is a portmanteau of Demos (people) and Brane (layer). In the tech space, people talk about the 'application layer' and the 'hardware layer'. We believe that people are the most important layer of any organisation, and that's why we want to help you get to know them better.

What is the difference between Dembrane and other companies?

We are at the junction between social impact, societal transformations and AI capabilities (enhanced by our partnership with OpenAI). Put simply, we think social interactions for societal transformations can be enhanced by AI, and we are building the tools to make that happen.

But what is 'a dembrane?'

Dembrane is a company with a mission. We build tools, processes and methodologies to help scale social intelligence. We also like the word dembrane, so we often refer to a 'dembrane instance' or just 'a dembrane' to mean 'a network of people contributing to collective intelligence'.

How do I get started?

Collective intelligence in general and Dembrane's in particular are very novel, cutting edge concepts. If you want to get started, the best way is to book a call with us. We can help you figure out what you want to achieve and how to get there.

More coming soon!



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